Medical maps: Obstetrics overview

Obstetrics: the clinical speciality concerned with pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. There are six key parts to the obstetrics syllabus in medical school: Uncomplicated pregnancy and labour Maternal issues in pregnancy Baby issues in pregnancy Labour complications and postpartum complications Pregnancy loss Prescribing in pregnancy and breastfeeding If you understand these key areas, you’ll […]

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Ovarian teratoma.

Medical maps: Ovarian neoplasms

First, the bigger picture: ovarian neoplasms fit into the broader sphere of adnexal masses which can be palpated on pelvic examination. Adnexal masses The adnexa refers to the appendages of the uterus – the fallopian tubes, ovaries and ligaments. Ovarian neoplasms are one type of adnexal mass. Physiological adnexal masses Physiological adnexal masses arise from the ovaries. […]

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Medical maps: Loss of responsiveness

A loss of consciousness (LOC) is the loss of awareness of the self and the surroundings. The clinical sign is a loss of responsiveness (LOR). I make the distinction between LOC and LOR for two reasons: There are some conditions, like psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, where it is unclear whether the patient has truly lost consciousness […]

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